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I was born Cathy Louise Wright in Fort Wayne, Indiana. ​  Now, I live in Crawley, near London, in England.  Big change!

There have been lots of places, many different lifestyles, lots of wonderful friends and most of all, I have learned lots of LESSONin between, which means that life now is brilliant!!!!

I was not a keen student, but moving around gave me what turned out to be a great education~ I got the best of the best, in a way.

I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.  I loved the idea of further education but had no direction.  So, when I was around fifteen I started writing poetry.  It felt natural.  

Trouble was, I was good at rhyming and the poetry I considered to be real poetry didn't.

So.  The only thing I'm good at, I don't consider to be real.  

Geesh.  No pleasing some people.

So wha'doIdo?  

I like Psychology.  I'm good at helping people with their problems.  

But no.



Mechanical Draughting??  Yes.  

I take a course.  I pass with flying colours.

I then (fast-forward!) become a printed circuit board designer,

thanks to perseverance and the help of my mentor, Charlie Myers.   This I do for nearly thirty years.  


Until the fateful day         when I am made what they like to call redundant, here in England.

Since then, a casual job, and my REAL love,.. WORDS.

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