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R2 Rock’n Reel January/February 2014

Cat Piggott


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Pretty Red Shoes

“Heartfelt and likeable and clearly has had a lot of love lavished upon it. Well worth a listen.”

                                 Ian Pickles


by Danny Dangerously


...CAT PIGGOTT:  A talented accomplished singer songwriter with a lovely soft vocal tone, with a touch of soul, country and folk. She performed songs from her album "PRETTY RED SHOES". CAT has one of those voices you can listen to all day and her lyrics are full of lovely observations from her life and experiences. She was joined by GEORGE CLAYDON on sax and TONY WHITING & NIGEL SHARP from THE LOGICAL HAIRS on bass and drums...  ~HORSHAM ROCKS

Photography by

Visions Photography

www.visions-photography co uk

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